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Essential web design tools you should be using in 2012 Part I

Wanted to start off 2012 (albeit 4 months in. lol) with a listing of tools that I use on a daily basis for designing, wireframing, testing and mocking up designs for clients. Obviously there are a billion different tools out there and each of us has our preferred list so feel free to comment on […]

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July updates. New look, new code, new contributor and more

Things have finally slowed down a bit and there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been working hard to get re-established and dust off the cobwebs of the blog. Currently wrapping up development with my team on our custom CMS application as well as new updates and designs for the blog and […]

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CommentLuv added to blog. Leave a comment and help us both benefit.

Hey all, CommentLuv and KeywordLuv have been implemented on the site. There may be some folks out there who don’t know what these plugins do. Basically it allows you to build backlinks for your blog with other blogs that have the plugin installed. It removes the nofollow attribute and adds dofollow to allow those leaving […]

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CSS Mega Menu

Pure CSS mega menu with a professional look

NOTE: I notice a lot of folks have viewed this post but no one has left any feedback. Providing feedback helps me post content that will be most useful for you. Good or bad, leave me a message. I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ve been researching lately (ok, a couple of years) and I wanted to […]

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